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Michael Abedin, Publisher and Editor

Michael Abedin, Publisher and Editor

A Letter to Our Readers

Probably recycling this lead from a past September issue if memory serves (which it doesn’t always, lately) but it’s too good not to use it again. The September Issue is a documentary about creating the September 2007 edition of Vogue magazine, an 820-page monster weighing in at about five pounds. September is when new fall lines debut, and the film follows editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, said to be the inspiration for Meryl Streep’s character in The Devil Wears Prada, as she cuts a swath through the heavyweights of the design industry.

Magazines 101.

Good gig, if you can get it. Sort of humbling when you’re trying to figure out what to do after 100 issues of a nice little natural magazine. 101 as a palindrome, same articles forward and back? Beginner’s primer – Natural 101? (See Spot. See Spot run from the holistic vet. Run, Spot, run.)

Wintour nails it at the end, when the thing’s done and her beleaguered assistant asks – what do we do now?

Start on the next one, she says.

Michael Abedin


Stretch Yourself


I’ve been in the recording studio with Grammy-nominated legend Ruthie Foster and award-winning singer and producer Daniel Barrett. We have joined forces to create an album together. I’m flattered beyond belief that these two superstars want me on an album. After all, I’m relatively new to being a musician. And I’ve been a long time fan of both of them. To be in the studio with them is mind-boggling. But what’s really interesting is how we’re all stretching ourselves. For example: • Ruthie is famous for her singing, but not her lead guitar. On our album, she is playing lead…

Tears of a Clown – A Smile for Robin Williams


by Beth Carpenter So many people suffer from depression – mostly a mild form, but for those like Robin Williams, severe depression. Publicly, he seemed to smile more than frown. He had the ability to make me laugh so hard, I’d be in tears. Robin Williams was such a public figure that we naturally relaxed when watching anything by him, because we knew we were seeing a real person that gave wholeheartedly, and would somehow delightfully surprise us during his performance. My father, though not officially diagnosed with bipolar depression, was more than likely suffering from the imbalance – and…



No pain, no gain. It’s the marketing mantra of hard-core fitness ordeals designed to make you pass out, get hurt, or fail, so somebody can scream at you and make you feel like big ol’ wuss. Good for your inner masochist or wannabe SEAL, maybe, but anyone who’s ever seriously followed an intense, disciplined physical training regimen knows no pain can also mean no injury – and they know something else. Stay loose. Want to be good at anything you do? Be able to stretch. The key to keeping body, mind, and spirit humming along harmoniously is flexibility – without…

Sweet Soul Music Guided Imagery and Music


Not long after 9/11, in a poem by Tony Kushner, a soul suddenly freed from its body that day floats up in an infinite space, surrounded by points of light. Realizing they are other souls, it begins asking questions. ‘Do you have music out here?’ it asks of one. ‘Out here,’ the other soul replies, ‘we are music.’ by Amy Blair Music’s sounds can, almost miraculously, melt down highly defended ego boundaries, caressing frozen feelings back to life. Eventually, listening to music’s sounds opens doors of compassion towards ourselves and towards other beings – towards all of us enmeshed in…

Psychic Development: What is your Psychic Combo Meal?


Psychic Development: What is your Psychic Combo Meal? by Deborah Antich Imagine you ran a Supper Club – for psychics. You’d talk to so many people who say, “I’d like to come to one of your dinners, but I’m not psychic.” Okay – hold on. Everyone (yes, everyone) – is psychic to some degree. Unfortunately, in the past, psychic abilities have been referred to as a “Sixth Sense” – something special or extra. Actually, these abilities are truly the First Sense. But what does this have to do with a Combo Meal? Everyone knows what a Combo Meal is –…

Colloidal Trace Minerals – Magnesium


Colloidal Trace Minerals – Magnesium by Gary Hannah (Part one of a series) There are four minerals that work in harmony with each other in the nerves and muscles, and in the processes of regulating blood pressure, bone building, and more – magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium. In order for nerves and muscles to work properly, these four minerals must be present. Without them, you may experience bone loss. Consume these minerals in proper levels, however, and you may feel younger, lose weight, and see blood pressure fall. Magnesium is one of the most important of these minerals in maintaining…